Networking is Easier Than You Think

A word that every college student hears from the beginning of their freshman year to the very end of their senior year is ‘network’. Your first year you kind of blow off the topic, thinking you have four years to put yourself out there, so you focus on your social life a lot, which don’t get me wrong, is very important too.

Little do you know, just by going to class and being engaged with your professor and his/her lectures, you are networking right there. Many think that networking means some formal interaction with another person who is in a higher position than them. But what I have come to realize is that networking is every interaction that you have where you mention your goals and aspirations in life. You never know what connections the person your talking to has or will have later in life, so by expressing your love and passion for your field, you networking; whether that be with a friend, family member, professor, classmate, or professional in the field.

If you have read any of my blog posts, you will know that my passion is film and that I am a film student at Grand Valley State University. A little while after talking with one of my film professors about how I wanted to get a job in the field as soon as possible, I got an email from her with a job opportunity that I thought I was qualified for. Immediately after getting the email from her, I thanked her for the information and applied for the position as an A/V Coordinator at Fountain Street Church. After a few email exchanges and two interviews, I was offered the position and asked to start immediately.

in front of church

Holt. L. (March 14, 2017) Fountain Street Church (JPEG). Self-Taken Image.

Because of the conversation I had with my professor randomly after class one day, I was able to get out of the retail field and dig my toes into a job that is my first step into my desired field.


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