Film Students Keywording for their Filmmaking Website

Fellow film students, I have somehow navigated your attention to one of my filmmaking websites, and for that I thank you. Now, this blog post will not give as much filmmaking tips as you would like, BUT I am also an Advertising and Public Relations minor, and this post will teach you about keywording your websites to help others find you more easily (similar to how you found me). As film students, we want it to expose our production pieces is anyway possible, no matter where it is posted.

In one of my classes I was told to use this tool on Google called AdWords to help better the chances of this website finding an audience geared towards a filmmaker. When first setting it up, you have to put in a ‘landing page’ and that is where you would put the URL to your website. After that, you can enter in words you think people would use to find your website, and you also enter in negative words (so words that you are not). The Keyword Planner will then spit out words that it recommends based on the combination of words that you put in.

When choosing the words, you want to try to choose words with high average monthly searches, but low competition. You want the high average monthly searches because you want to have words that people are actually looking up and you want low competition because other websites may pop up before you.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 8.06.40 PM

Holt, Lauren. (Mar. 14 2017). Keywords Planner [Screen Image Capture]. Retrieved from Google AdWords

For an example, when keywording this website, I inputted 5 keywords and chose 5 words that Google suggested to integrate into this article — which are those bolded words you have probably noticed. The statistics of those words are as follows:

Film: 10-100 average monthly searches

Video: 1k – 10k average monthly searches

Filmmaker: 10-100 average monthly searches

Film Student: 10-100 average monthly searches

Video Editor: 100-1k average monthly searches

Production: 10-100 average monthly searches

Cinematography: 10-100 average monthly searches

Videographer: 10-100 average monthly searches

Filmmaking Websites: 10-100 average monthly searches

Filmmaking Tips: 10-100 average monthly searches




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  1. This is a really interesting post! I think it was interesting how you took your topic and put it through the Adwords and how you used the alternate words! Great job!


  2. It looks like you came up with a lot of low competition and high monthly average keywords! I really enjoyed your creativity in your opening paragraph and how you incorporated your keywords, great job!


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