I’ve posted a lot of things about film and the film industry so far, that is why for this post I have decided to reflect more on my personality. If there is one thing that everyone knows about me, it is that I absolutely love Shiba Inus. Shibas are a breed of dog (native to Japan) that have very strong and funny personalities themselves. I have only had the pleasure of meeting one shiba in my entire life, Zeus. He is about 7 months old and is honestly probably one of the most stubborn dogs when it comes to listening to people other than his owner, but of course that is what gives him his personality.

When playing around in Adobe Photoshop, my best friend Jeannine (who also loves dogs and has a special place for shibas in her heart) and I had the brilliant idea of photoshopping a picture of myself, Zeus, and Jeannine into a picture with a lot of other shibas (I know, I know, a little obsessive — and I have also nicknamed it photoshiba). After many attempts at trying to crop the picture around the three of us to place onto the other layer with the shibas, we finally came up with this (before and after):

Before 1:


Catcher, J (May 28, 2015). Shiba Inu Family (JPEG). Retrieved from

Before 2:


Holt. L. (January 27, 2017) Zeus Wu (JPEG). Self-Taken Image.



Holt, L. (February 26, 2017). Photoshopped vacation with Shibas (JPEG). Retrieved from Adobe Photoshop.

Of course we had to add a “film textured” filter to give it an older look to it. And also to more convincingly tell people that we had pulled out the picture from a trip to Japan we took a few years ago. I mean I was pretty impressed with the turnout, being that I haven’t used Photoshop in about 4 years. If I could have changed something, I would have changed some of the coloring in the picture with myself, Zeus, and Jeannine to match the coloring of the picture with the shibas. Also I would have added more shibas, more like a sea of shibas. Maybe next time.


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  1. I love the title of your blog post!!! How cute to incorporate the topic in the assignment! Your picture looks awesome too! It really looks like you and Jeannine are there!


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