A Midwest Film Student

Every college student chooses their college or university for their own reasons. As a film student, I often get confused looks when I tell people I am studying film at a university in Michigan; I also get questions such as ‘what do you expect to do with a film degree in the midwest?’ and ‘why of all things would you pick that to major in and then stay in Michigan for school?’ This short video will (hopefully) help those begin to understand. Disclaimer: cinematopgraphy is not my forté, but I’ve been working on it.

This video was not only created to quickly express my passion of film, but also to show my love for Grand Valley as an institution. At the beginning stages of creating this piece, I began with storyboard on this new website called storyboardthat.com. It was definitely a new experience to virtually create my storyboard, rather than butcher my attempts at drawing real people. Although it was quick and easy to use, the options for what to put in your story board are limiting; and even if you do a location scout for a video and take pictures, you have to pay for a membership to upload pictures on that storyboard making website.There are both pros and cons to using virtual storyboards and I can appreciate the simplicity and ease it takes to finish it virtually. With the free version of the website, I was able to come up with this:


After a storyboard is made, the next step is to shoot and edit your footage. I chose to use Adobe Premiere Pro CC for my editing software. Premiere has been one of my favorite editing softwares that I have used during my history with post-production. For this specific video, I not only pieced together my interview and b-roll, but I added music and transitions, mixed the audio to make it swell at certain points, color corrected some shots, masked the background of the interview shot to give it more depth of field, and letter-boxed the entire video.


Holt, Lauren. (Feb. 24 2017). Video Project [Screen Image Capture]. Retrieved from Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Despite being a film student in the midwest, I still like to think that know what I am talking about, especially when talking about post-production.


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